Audio Transcription

“Hand Tools” are the mouse, keyboard, calculator and pen—the things we use with our hands.

  • Locate the hand tools on the work surface after the chair and surfaces are set. 
  • Put the tools used most often, closest.  Find the maximum forearm support to allow the arms to rest on the surface.
  • The user should be able to sit taller, or “reset the spine” while using the mouse and keyboard.
  • Locate the other “hand tools” like writing pad, calculator or PDA within easy reach.
  • The secondary reach targets may be paper or an alternative device like a tablet or smart-phone. 
  • Writing tasks are needed at the dominant hand, and sufficient work surface depth should allow full forearm support.
  • Tools that are used less frequently, like a calculator, peashooter or a slingshot, may be slightly beyond arms reach.
  • It’s all about location, location, location that allows regular movement and supported postural correction.
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