John, thank you for this very observant follow up report! Personal comfort, in concert with expert professional guidance must be the gold standard! Thank you for everything, and especially for your attentiveness to the particular needs and idiosyncrasies of each individual.
Robin N., MS, CDMS, HEM, Return to Work Coordinator, Department of Industrial Relations

As always, another superb job. Thank you so very much.
Otis B., Department of Industrial Relations, DIR Workers’ Compensation Manager, Division of Workers’ Compensation

Thank you for all of your insights, exercise tips, and equipment ideas. You obviously have a great deal of experience and knowledge in your field and it was very gratifying for me to be able to talk to someone that really understands my specific back problem.
Bob H.

Just want to say thanks again for the session yesterday. With the recommendations, equipment changes and exercises I hope to kick bad habits/pains to the curb.
Jay L.

I appreciate and enjoy what you did for my workstation. I feel a lot more comfortable now and my neck has not had any issues since the change.
Bill H.

Thank you very much for the very comprehensive and insightful review. I especially appreciate your recommended exercises!
Nancy R.

The chair seems to have made a very big difference. When I use the computer at home, I quickly start hurting on the neck and shoulder but that does not seem to be the case at work. The difference is the chair… I will get one for the house as well.
Fauz K.

Thank you for being so diligent in your assessment. I will review all the materials you sent and order the appropriate monitors stands, etc., and I will definitely call you with any questions.
Jackie V., The Swig Company, LLC

The chair seems to have made a very big difference. I cannot thank you enough for the evaluation and the very useful recommendations to make my work environment more user-friendly. I feel much better…. no more pain, no more drugs. Thank you so much!

Thanks for taking the time to do a detail assessment and not rushing through it. I will keep doing the exercises you recommend. You have been very helpful.
Purva G., The Swig Company

Just wanted to say thank you again for the evaluation. I can honestly say that my back pain is gone.
Dolly K.

Thanks John for evaluating my workstation ergonomics. Even though I have not purchased everything you recommended yet, I am able to feel the big difference caused by small changes.

I will continue with the exercises – they help with the back and stress. Thank you John for being genuinely concerned about those you help.

Thanks again for today’s assessment, as it was beneficial and educational. I greatly appreciate your honesty and insight.

Thank you very much for the assessment and I really appreciate your input. It’s been less than a day and I already feel better.