• Measure the eye height 
  • Locate the monitor to eye height
  • Locate the visual targets for least neck bend and rotation 
Audio Transcription

Eye height is an important key to good posture, but watch where the body needs to look in order to do the work.

Generally, the monitor is the primary visual target, so locate the top line of the monitor screen or the monitor image no higher than the eye height.

We measured the eye height in upright seating, but a another guide is to watch how the head and neck move to do the work– then locate the visual targets to minimize neck bending and rotation.

When the head and neck posture change to do the work—move the visual targets to make good spine postures easier.

For example, moving the keyboard deeper onto the work surface may make it easier to see the keys with less bend in the neck; and having more forearm support can take weight off the neck and shoulder.

If eye correction is needed, watch how different glasses will change neck and head position. The next two videos will show how eyeglasses can change where to position different visual targets like the monitor and reference copy.

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