The ActivSeating™ Process ~ Courses

Effective & Economical At Every Level

The ActivSeating™ process is a radical and comprehensive process that simply makes it is easier to sit properly. The discomfort and health risks of sitting are eliminated when the workstation is precisely integrated with measures of the body’s natural strength and stature.  This method has proven to be effective for years in large-scale, real world studies, most often with the user’s original chair and work surface.

The Back Owner’s Guide is a course for the end-user that uses a simple four-step process to set-up the chair and work surface, and then uses an outcome measure for progress. Here are some screenshots from the course. Here are a couple sample lessons.

The Consultant’s Guide is an extremely valuable resource for the ergonomics consultant dealing with injuries from seated work—this course includes the Back Owner’s guide and much more: 

  • Gives academic references to support each of the process elements
  • Cites research studies that explode common myths of office ergonomics
  • Details the measurement and outcome data for the method 
  • Provides solutions for common chair and workstation design problems
  • Compares the strengths and limitations of alternative chair designs

Each of these courses can be provided as a white-label option. 

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