ActivSeating™ is the healthy way to sit!
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The confusion to sit or stand at work will affect millions of people and cost hundreds of millions of dollars every year until we learn how to sit better… Our branded methodology, ActivSeating™, is the simple solution for a safer, more comfortable and more productive way to work.

"We make the work site and the worker right for the job."

Workplace Ergonomics

“Fit the workplace to the worker"
Good sitting posture is critical for productive and healthy work. When the body is well supported and moves properly it will also be more productive.


Consulting Services

“We work with what you have”
Product sales do not influence our recommendations. Our goal is to provide the least intrusive, and the most reasonable solution.


Return to Work

“The body can’t do the work”
Proper job accommodations allow an early return to work. When the right elements are in place, people recover more quickly.