• Sitting with pain at work is a problem
    • ActivSeating is a simple and complete solution
    • Gives clarity for the problems of sitting and standing
    • Provides support and mobility the body needs 
    • Detailed technical solutions
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Most people don’t even think their computer workstation has a problem, but for those working with pain or injury, sitting at work is a constant reminder there is something wrong.

The ActiveSeating method is a simple and complete solution to eliminate the health problems with sitting and standing office work

The course has sections that specifically explain and resolve each of the different postural problems at work, and gives reference to medical research to clarify those problems.  

The “How To” (Section 4) uses precise measures for the body’s strength and stature so the chair and workstation can provide the support and mobility the body needs to resolve the injury.  In other words, we make the best posture easy.

The final section has detailed technical solutions for typical questions that may arise.

You can choose where to start at any time.

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