• Test spine posture by extending taller
  • Find chair height for best leg strength
  • Locate the work surface for forearm support
  • Retest spine posture to adjust the chair 
Audio Transcription

The ActivSeating process has four key parts to be taken in sequence; this section shows precisely how to use them effectively.

Test the best spine posture by extending the body taller until there is some slight forward tip of the pelvis—any movement at the waist indicates the spine can move

Find the exact height of the chair for the best leg strength to most easily support the torso upright

When the chair is at the best height, then locate the work surface for comfortable forearm support and movement (often means removing the adjustable keyboard tray)

Finally, retest the spine posture frequently to adjust the chair for different kinds of work

  • Tip the chair slightly forward when there is intense interest in the monitor or frequent shoulder reach
  • Tip the chair back slightly for work that can be more relaxed, with the chair reclined, and the back against the chair.
  • The spine should easily extend taller during all the work tasks, and adjust the chair accordingly.
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