4.3.1 Locate Chair Height

Audio Transcription

Chair height is the foundation for good leg support, and has a significant effect on comfort (Rempel 2007; Wang 2008).

It is important to find the height of the chair that allows the strongest leg movement before adjusting the work station.

To adjust the chair, sit up straight with a level seat pan.

Remember, the chair seat pan size should support the thigh and still have a 1-2 inch space behind the knee (red circle in the photograph).

Make sure the chair wheels, or casters agree with the floor surface used—carpet casters do not work well on a hard floor surface.

Keeping the torso up straight, move the chair front to back, and side to side at one height; keep the feet in the same position,

Re-test the same chair movements at several different heights, and find the height that works best. 

Make sure to test chair heights that are both above and below the best height.

Be clear that the selected chair can accommodate the best height for the strongest leg posture—a higher or lower chair may be needed to fit different size people.

After the chair height is determined, then measure the height of the elbow and the eye to locate the work surface and monitor heights

We will show this process in more detail …

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