Workplace Ergonomics

“We fit the workplace to the worker”

Good sitting posture is critical for productive and healthy work, and the key to good ergonomics is to understand how each and every body works best. When the body is well supported to move properly, work is naturally safer, more comfortable and more productive.

Many people do not have a problem with their job or their workstation, and we can presume their workstation fits. Many people also wear the same size shoe and pants, but we cannot presume that same size will work for every body. The average workstation is designed for the average man, and larger or more petite people are more prone to trouble. Adjusting work place dimensions a few inches is often sufficient to resolve pain symptoms.

We use a radical approach to ergonomics that is really quite simple. First, the HipIndex™ observation allows the consultant to see spine posture during work, and the client can more easily feel their best posture. We then position the chair for best leg strength to help support the best posture in sitting. The position of best postural muscle strength may be obvious to the consultant and client, and it may also be measured with an accelerometer (HipTorque™). When the best seating position is established with the postural muscles fully engaged, then the rest of the workstation dimensions are determined.

ActivSeating-Ergonomic best postureActivSeating! When the postural muscles are engaged, and the chair and workstation support the body, the best postures are easier and forward work is more comfortable and more productive.

We do not ask people to stand up to solve the problems of sitting badly. Standing requires more work, more money, and adds health risk. Our trademark approach to fully integrate the best working postures with the workstation is called ActivSeating™. Surprisingly, very few “ergonomics products” are needed when the body postures are strong and balanced and the legs provide the strongest force to support the torso at work. By demonstrating chair postures that work best, we can move the workstation to support the body in the best way, and good postures become much easier to sustain. This process has been tested over time, with measurably increased comfort and productivity more than five years after a single visit.

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