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An ergonomic consultation is an important step when work is painful! The choice of consultant strategy is critical, particularly when the usual solutions do not eliminate the problem. Spine posture is critical to healthy and productive work. Most ergonomics instruction uses a single-posture approach to sitting that works much of the time—we help when the single-posture strategy does not work.

Slumped SeatingIncreasingly, large numbers of people have discomfort from sitting badly because the uniform model does not work in every case. How we sit is the most important part of work, and pain is the usual indicator when the body is not well integrated with how the work is done. When seating strategies are understood and done well, there are far fewer reasons to stand.

Clinical experience, long-term consulting practice and research studies generally agree how the body works best, but that science has not been available to the field consultant. Our company is the first to use new methods to demonstrate the best posture and strength exactly when, where and how people work. The two field measures we developed are unique to this profession: the first is a simple way to show working spine posture in any chair (HipIndex) to determine good chair adjustment. The second measures the strength of the postural muscles (HipTorque) so the best postures are more easily sustained.

ActiveSeating™Our ActivSeating method combines the body’s very best posture and strength at the workstation. People are more productive because their strongest postures are more easily supported. The similarities may seem subtle, but the outcome measures are remarkable. A recent survey of a thousand clients over the last five years shows our client experience: 95% of respondents reported better productivity, 93% reported less discomfort at work, and less than two percent still had symptoms that affected their work. People still get hurt, but our injury rate over the long term is dramatically better than results expected from typical ergonomics consultation.

We can help with our clients in a variety of ways, either to meet people individually to prevent problems, to resolve an injury or make return to work easier. We can meet more efficiently with groups of people, and document the individual recommendations. We can provide a one-time Physical Therapy consultation for an injured worker to help manage the musculoskeletal problem, and maybe save a visit to the Physician. We can also provide general corporate purchase and design strategies with your current vendors, or provide a training program for the ergonomics technician. A more comprehensive on-line course for the ergonomics professional is available at

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