Our Purpose

Experience, observation, and a guiding philosophy.

Asurprising number of people work in the office with physical complaints of pain.  This site is intended to share a remarkable discovery to solve that problem.

Fifteen years treating cumulative trauma as a physical therapist, and then twenty years as an ergonomic consultant led me to realize that poor spine posture is a common observation for injured workers, and that the problem is rarely appreciated and until now, there has been no solution. My original intent was to support people to easily sit up straight, expecting some improvement in low back pain. When the method was tested in real world conditions, the outcome was far more effective that just improving low back pain.

The ActivSeating® process allows the user to more precisely integrate the body and the workstation for how the work is done, using two simple but precise measurements to find exactly where the body can have the maximum support and mobility. When all of the elements are in place, using the existing office chair and work surface, men and women report an average long-term reduction of more than 80% for both low-back and neck-arm-hand discomfort.

This new process is shown in clear detail, both as step-by-step instructions for the end user and in much greater depth and with supporting resources for the consultant, including current citations from the medical literature. When the outcome data are measured, there is compelling evidence to show that the ergonomic problems of seated work can be resolved.

No single product can cure the discomfort to sit at an office workstation. Despite sales literature claiming to solve one problem, many of those products can cause additional problems when not used correctly. The purpose of this site is to show how to position the existing chair and work surface to accommodate varied work conditions. We do not promote any particular product, but we do emphasize where important features are needed for proper mobility and support.

Thank you for the chance to share these discoveries.