4.7.6 ActivSeating™ Overview

  • Process needs every element
  • A step left out may increase risk
  • Ergonomics may not solve a health problem
  • ActivSeating cannot guarantee zero injuries
  • Any injury should be closely monitored by a health care professional
Audio Transcription

The ActivSeating process is a series of measures that needs every element to properly integrate the body’s best posture and strength with the work and the workstation.

We showed a specific sequence to adapt a seated work station to fit the body’s size and strength.  A step left out of the sequence may actually increase the risk of injury.

Despite the improvements this process provides, even the best ergonomic changes may not solve a body’s internal health problem, and a perfect workstation cannot guarantee zero injuries.

Importantly, any injury should be closely monitored by a health care professional.

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