Adjusting The H.M. Aeron Chair

Aeron features.

Aeron Chair Adjustment

Find the make and model of your chair

Find the chair make and model of your chair, and select the videos for that chair; one video will show the chair features, and the second shows how the adjustments work to change posture;

Please note that some chairs may be provided without all the available options, for instance the Herman Miller Aeron chair may not have been provided with two paddles on the left of the seat that important for locking back support and forward tilt.  Some other manufacturers may offer forward tilt as an extra-cost option.

Videos for Full Feature Chairs have the required features for forward tilt:

  1. Herman Miller Aeron: features and adjustment
  2. Office Master, 3-paddle chairs: Paramont, Yes, Discovery, Patriot
  3. Neutral Posture, 3-paddle chairs: High Performance
  4. BodyBilt, 3-paddle chairs: all
  5. Soma, 3-paddle chairs: all
  6. RFM: 3-paddle chairs: Internet, Ray, Echelon, Carmel, Metro
  7. ErgoCentric: 3-paddle chairs: all
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