Workplace Ergonomics

We fit the workplace to the worker.

Product sales do not influence our recommendations.  Usually the simple changes that support the best posture, like chair adjustment or moving the height of a work surface are the best and most cost-effective solutions, and they are often overlooked. There are plenty of very sophisticated ergonomic products, but basic changes to the chair and work surface are usually sufficient. Most importantly, every client organization has a different set of challenges and opportunities, and our goal is to provide the least intrusive, and the most reasonable solution to solve the problem.

Often there is a conflict when vendors promote ergonomics products to eliminate health risks that may not apply to the workforce. Our course includes a review of the most current literature (See Sit or Stand?) to be clear about how those health risks were determined, and what respected research studies tell us about how different strategies work over the long term.  In some cases, the added cost and features of a height-adjustable table may not solve the original problem, although it may be a good choice in another setting.  A poorly informed decision about some solutions may actually increase the worker’s health risk.  Nobody wants to make a bad decision about health risk, and our experience with thousands of client outcomes informs the employer and the employee to choose effective solutions with confidence.