Ergonomics First Consulting Services

We work with what you have.

Product sales do not influence our recommendations for the best solution.  Usually simple changes like chair adjustment or moving the fixed height of a work surface are the best and most cost-effective solutions. There are plenty of very sophisticated ergonomic products, but basic changes to the chair and work surface are usually sufficient. Most importantly, every client organization has a different set of challenges and opportunities, and our goal is to provide the least intrusive, and the most reasonable solution to solve the problem.

Often there is a conflict when vendors promote ergonomics products to eliminate health risks that may not apply to the workforce. Our professional services include a review of the most current literature (See Sit or Stand?) to be clear about how those health risks were determined, and what respected research studies tell us about how different solutions work over the long term.  In some cases, the added cost and features of a height-adjustable table may not solve the original problem, although it may be a good choice in another setting.  A poorly informed decision about some solutions may actually increase the worker’s health risk!  Nobody wants to make a bad decision about health risk, and our experience with thousands of client outcomes allows the employer and the employee to choose an effective solution with confidence.

We know the Workers’ Compensation Claims process can be tedious, and work productivity usually suffers. Timely and proper reporting to the pertinent people and the use of simple and reasonable solutions can speed the process dramatically.

Approval from the Supervisor, the Claims Representative and the Physician may be required for the recommendations.  Approved vendors and products may be needed.  Competent installation may be necessary at the work location, and a follow-up visit and report is usually advised to document that everything is working properly.  Further delays are likely if the products do not work as imagined, and either a new problem needs resolution, or a different product and solution are needed, losing even more time and productivity. 

Experience from thousands of claims tells us that the beginning of the injury is the most critical stage! The cause and effect of cumulative trauma on the body is dependent on the stage of injury.  The spectrum can range from the early stage with intermittent symptoms, to the end-stage, and total disability. It is much easier to solve the problem early, rather than choose to neglect proper care.  We know what to do when people have work restrictions and claims, and we can accommodate them. We also know how to prevent the problem in the first place.