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How and Why to Measure Postural Muscle Strength

The decision to sit or stand at work will affect millions of people and cost hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The ability to measure postural muscle strength in the workplace will allow us to choose postures that will not only minimize long-term health risks, but also make upright postures easier to sustain and minimize orthopedic problems. Read more

New Measure for Spine Posture

Why would anyone measure spine posture at work? Ergonomics consultants do not really measure the position of your spine at work, so why start now? Read more

What To Do When Your Tailbone Hurts?

Coccydynia is a word that literally means “tailbone pain,” and there are several causes. Usually there was a prior injury, like abruptly falling onto the tailbone, that results in persistent pain at the bottom of the spine. The pain could have started right at the time of the fall, or could slowly progress to become painful months or even years after the event. Read more